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News And Events

SCG News 03/2018/Madrid /Spain

SCG has received a contract to implement the new Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), in a commercial and after-sales service company of a leading German company in its Market. The content implies analysis of the current situation, preparation and implementation of the necessary actions to comply with the GDPR

SCG News 01/2018 / Madrid / Spain

SCG was commissioned with a leading manufacturer of machines to analyse and reduce the functional separation conflicts of the internal control system (ICS)

SCG News 09/2017 / Germany

Leader in medical technology Stabilize of production: SCG got the order to lead temporary the manufacturing for medical technology with more than 1000 employees in production: The approaches are to guarantee the delivery performance and to ensure the high customer expectations regarding quality.

SCG News 08/2017 / Madrid / Spain

Leading German machinery manufacturer / Sales- and Service company in Spain LOPD / Cloud / C4C: SCG receives the order for a check of the Spanish Data Protection Law (LOPD) and the legal bases with regard to Clouds use. The results will be coordinated and implemented in corrective actions and improvements.

SCG News 05 / 2017 Wroclaw / Poland

Goal: Improve quality issues / Project Controlling Taking over the role of a strong Task Tracker with monitoring of targeted tasks Verification and implementation of defined tasks on site Initiation of corrective actions in case of deviations from previously defined specifications and guidelines Ensuring a transparent communication structure (communication and reporting) within the related departments […]