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News And Events

SCG News 04/2019 Barcelona / Spain

SCG has published an Interview in the Economic Journal “El Economista” about the cooperation of German Companies in Spain and Spanish Companies “The Spanish Spirit and the German Methodology“.

SCG News 03 / 2019 / Barcelona / Spain

You don’t change anything without backing / about business transformation in companies Interview from Gerhard Stamm with Dr. Frank Behrend Business Transformation Manager Please click the link:

SCG News 11/2018 / Barcelone / Spain

November, 2018 News SCG realised a Lean Workshop with the focus on the 7 type of wastes and the continuous improvements for installations / Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) in a Company who deform cold industrial parts

SCG News 10/2018 / Barcelona / Spain

SCG has received a contract to optimize the production using Lean Manufacturing Philosophy in a leading supplier for integrated modules for trains.

SCG News 10/2018 / Madrid / Spain

SCG has been commissioned by a leading manufacturer of electronic devices for the train industry to support the Management in the implementation of the restructuring plan.

SCG News 03/2018/Madrid /Spain

SCG has received a contract to implement the new Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), in a commercial and after-sales service company of a leading German company in its Market. The content implies analysis of the current situation, preparation and implementation of the necessary actions to comply with the GDPR